New I-95 exit numbers for Bangor

New I-95 Exit Numbers for Bangor

Old Exit No. New
Exit No.

44 180 Hampden: Coldbrook Road
45A 182A Bangor: I-95 to I-395
45B 182B Bangor: I-95 to I-395
46 183 Bangor: Hammond Street
47 184 Bangor: Union Street
48 185 Bangor: Broadway
48A 186 Bangor: Stillwater Avenue
49 187 Bangor: Hogan Road
50 191 Orono: Kelley Road
51 193 Orono: Stillwater Avenue
52 197 Old Town
53 199 Old Town

To make it easier for motorists to determine the length of trips in Maine along Interstate 95, the state Department of Transportation renumbered off-ramps last winter and spring. Exits used to be numbered from 1 to 63. The new number system identifies an exit's distance from the state line in Kittery. This will enable motorists to calculate distances between exits without having to look at a map. It will also eliminate the confusion caused by duplicate exit numbers in southern Maine, in which some exits on the Maine Turnpike and I-95 shared numbers.

To the right are the new exit numbers for I-95 off-ramps in the Bangor area.